CEO and Product Development

"Passion and vocation on the profession"

He is graduated on Economics and he has an advanced degree on Oenology. He is the hands that give form to our products and the "alma mater" of this project.

After working for eight years as tax adviser and as member of the financial team in several enterprises, he makes his dreams come true and he begins to study Oenology. He juggles his academic training with works in several wineries. In 2013 he finishes his formation and since then, he has not stopped to create. Actually he combines his job in BINOMIO with the technical advice in oenology in several wineries and the labors in his own winery: www.claveriabarrabes.com

In 2016, the government of the region of Aragón, recognizes him as craftsman in the sector of the wine. 



"Dedication and humane treatment"

Isabel`s profession is administrative technician. She is in charge of the enterprise accounting management and the customer service. The numbers are her strengths, although she is characterized by her close and charming behavior.


Business Delegation 

"Excitement and conviction"

He organises, implements and controls commercial operations side-by-side with our customers. He supervises everything related to promotion and outreach.

Even if things do not always go as expected, he remains upbeat. 


Brand Manager

"Good taste is where it's at"

Joining BINOMIO, she brought with her an experienced artistic and creative flair. Everything that passes through her hands leaves with her imprint on it. 


Binomio Wines Americas - U.S.A Country Manager

Passionate about culinary excellence Miguel leads from California (USA) the projection of Binomio Wines in the United States as well as Latin America.