"Cabecita Loca" and "La Charanga"


Premium Sangria
8,5% vol.

By the hand of Victor Clavería, oenologist and food craftsman in Aragon, we have perfectly assemble the tastes and bouquets of wine, citrus and spices.

A careful and perfectionist work which unique aim is to move and to give pleasure to senses.

Made using the traditional method with carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients.

8,5% vol. This sangría has been prepared from red wine matured in French oak, grape must, the juice of natural Mediterranean citrus fruits, the very highest grade (five zeros) of raw Sri Lankan cinnamon, and vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea.

The only sugars and acids come from the fruit itself.

No industrial or concentrated aromas are used and the product is presented unclarified and unfiltered, in order to maintain all of its organoleptic qualities intact.

As the product contains citrus pulp solids, and because it has not been processed, its appearance is somewhat cloudy. 


It will remind you of the gentle breeze of summer nights, the white sand, the murmuring of the waves, the full moon and that sun-kissed skin... It will remind you of embraces and music in the open air, of candlelit suppers, of dancing and sleeping under the stars...