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ZINCA bín de Ric

Every year we produce just about 2,000 bottles at our family-run winery.

Our wines are fermented in earthenware jars, before being fed into oak barrels at the outset of winter. The barrels are housed in our underground 11th century cellar, where the wine will encounter the best temperatures and constant humidity required for ageing.

Venerable clay, sensitive hands moulding water and earth together and sunshine: refuge for our wines and a hint of six thousand years of partnership. Modesty and hard work, passion and respect. Let nature take its course.

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ZINCA d'Anfora

Zinca d'Anfora is made from a selection of grapes from dry-farmed estates near Barbastro (Huesca) with yields of less than 2,000 kgs/ha. Following fermentation, the wine is decanted into earthenware jugs where it ages for 6 months.


Zinca d'Oro is a very special limited-edition wine, with just 300 bottles produced per vintage. It is made from white grapes from dry-farmed estates near Barbastro (Huesca). After fermentation at a controlled temperature, this wine has been weather aged in glass demijohns, an oxidised ageing process that is in line with age-old production methods.


Wine with no added sulphites; suitable for vegans

Retorno is not just any journey, because not everything in the past was better.

Retorno is a quest, a journey back to true origins, to when humankind was noble and their wines heartfelt

Our Retorno wine won the Silver Medal at the Concours International des Cabernets 2019 to become one of only two Spanish wines to win awards in this competition held in France.

V-Label Certified by the European Vegan Union; free of animal protein clarifiers and GMOs.

Retorno wine has no added sulphites. It is produced based on sound grape cultivation, in accordance with the manual techniques inherited from our forefathers.

No sulphites or other preservatives have been used and it has not been clarified or filtered, allowing the natural processes that comprise the essence of wine to be retained in their entirety.